Monday, 11 November 2013

Jewellery Collection & Storage /// PWIP

hey lovelies,

earlier on today while I was I was organising my jewellery, I realised that it's been around a year now since I did my last jewellery collection and storage post! since then I have not only moved house (so my storage system has changed a fair bit... I prefer it!) but I have also bought a lot more jewellery. enjoy :)

so this is all on top of my little bookshelf which I love very much. the heart wire thing is from Sasse & Belle - my mum and dad got me this last year when we were redecorating my room and I absolutely love it so much! it's ideally for hanging fishhook earrings on (if it was used solely for this you could fit a lot of pairs on) but the loops which decorate the outside of the heart can be used for necklaces. I split the heart into two halves; one for earrings, one for my short necklaces. I also hooked all of my ear cuffs and hoop earrings (one pair) on the loops. I also added a bit of lace which I cut off an old top and strategically attached it to a top section, with I then put of a few of my favourite stud earrings on :)

this is the cutest thing ever! I am a huge ring fanatic. my friend Aimee got me this from france and it was either from ikea or markets... big difference I know, but it was definitely one of the two!

so this little hook decoration was also from Sasse & Belle - if you're redoing your room or just generally want to buy a few bits and bobs to make it more homely, Sasse & Belle is lovely! they have the most gorgeous shabby chic, parisian-esque things. I hang my longer pendants off here as well as a dream catcher which is pretty much ancient, and a scarf that I got from a charity shop (which I am planning on wearing as a headscarf! ooo). also, all of those black necklaces are not for me - they are being sold at a market this weekend! underneath there is my gemstone necklace which I got from my aunty and my gorgeous spike necklace which you can see in an OOTD here from efoxcity. :)

I keep all of my stretchy bracelets, wristbands and bangles distributed between my mixture of different buckets and bins which just kind of float around my room. I also keep the rest of my stud earrings in an empty jam jar - I think this is a lovely idea & if you would like to see some cute DIYs with glass jars, let me know! :)

I also keep my more special bracelets in this treasure-chest looking object which if I am right, I got as a Christmas present years ago (I don't think I am)

so this was my updated jewellery collection and storage! it was a bit brief I know... but i'd rather focus on the storagey part. thank you for reading :)
ps. I am looking for a few ladies to do guest blogs with. email me if you're interested!

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