Thursday, 21 November 2013

ASOS Marketplace /// PWIP

hey lovelies,
so I thought I'd let you know that I've recently put quite a lot of jewellery on ASOS marketplace! 

both £10 on real 925 Sterling Silver 

 both £3 



There is loads more on the website and there is more to come!! 

thanks for reading!! xxxx

Monday, 11 November 2013

Jewellery Collection & Storage /// PWIP

hey lovelies,

earlier on today while I was I was organising my jewellery, I realised that it's been around a year now since I did my last jewellery collection and storage post! since then I have not only moved house (so my storage system has changed a fair bit... I prefer it!) but I have also bought a lot more jewellery. enjoy :)

so this is all on top of my little bookshelf which I love very much. the heart wire thing is from Sasse & Belle - my mum and dad got me this last year when we were redecorating my room and I absolutely love it so much! it's ideally for hanging fishhook earrings on (if it was used solely for this you could fit a lot of pairs on) but the loops which decorate the outside of the heart can be used for necklaces. I split the heart into two halves; one for earrings, one for my short necklaces. I also hooked all of my ear cuffs and hoop earrings (one pair) on the loops. I also added a bit of lace which I cut off an old top and strategically attached it to a top section, with I then put of a few of my favourite stud earrings on :)

this is the cutest thing ever! I am a huge ring fanatic. my friend Aimee got me this from france and it was either from ikea or markets... big difference I know, but it was definitely one of the two!

so this little hook decoration was also from Sasse & Belle - if you're redoing your room or just generally want to buy a few bits and bobs to make it more homely, Sasse & Belle is lovely! they have the most gorgeous shabby chic, parisian-esque things. I hang my longer pendants off here as well as a dream catcher which is pretty much ancient, and a scarf that I got from a charity shop (which I am planning on wearing as a headscarf! ooo). also, all of those black necklaces are not for me - they are being sold at a market this weekend! underneath there is my gemstone necklace which I got from my aunty and my gorgeous spike necklace which you can see in an OOTD here from efoxcity. :)

I keep all of my stretchy bracelets, wristbands and bangles distributed between my mixture of different buckets and bins which just kind of float around my room. I also keep the rest of my stud earrings in an empty jam jar - I think this is a lovely idea & if you would like to see some cute DIYs with glass jars, let me know! :)

I also keep my more special bracelets in this treasure-chest looking object which if I am right, I got as a Christmas present years ago (I don't think I am)

so this was my updated jewellery collection and storage! it was a bit brief I know... but i'd rather focus on the storagey part. thank you for reading :)
ps. I am looking for a few ladies to do guest blogs with. email me if you're interested!

Wednesday, 6 November 2013

college ootd feat. eFoxcity /// PWIP

hello lovelies,
so I am getting super excited about autumn. like seriously... it's a little bit sad how much I think about Christmas (anyone else got the countdown to Christmas app? no? ok) and I am very happy to announce that yesterday I had to wear a coat!! Before we moved to devon it was pretty much coat weather every day, and I can honestly say it does not feel like November!! I reckon I can wave goodbye to hope of a snowy Christmas this year.

anyway, I thought that since now I don't have a school uniform and I have to make atleast slightly an effort, I thought I do a quick ootd (very quick - please excuse the abismal photography as I had to snap these just before I left, in a rush as it was also still a bit dark outside!)


oversized Tshirt /// topshop
high waisted jeans /// topshop
shoes /// converse one star 
jacket /// levis
theres no way I would have been able to wear this outfit at this time of the year before we moved. For short girls like me, high waisted jeans can really elongate your legs, i find especially when I wear them with boots eg. they look awesome with my docs!

bangle /// markets in nepal
necklace /// eFoxcity
lips /// collection cream puff fairy cake
my gorgeous necklace is from eFoxcity. I received this in the post and I have honestly worn it SO many times. it's fantastic quality and was really inexpensive too. I feel like statement necklaces like these ones can really add a little extra to an outfit in seconds, so I rely on those a lot on mornings where I can't really be bothered... 
the gorgeous bangle was bought back as a present off my mum went she went to nepal last year! she bought back all kinds of gorgeous stuff like this. and yes I too noticed the radical difference in skin tones between my chest and arm... is it like that in real life?

Monday, 2 September 2013

August faves // PWIP

Can you believe that it's September and summer is over!? As sad as I am about being able to walk around in shorts and sandals, I am definitely looking forward to nights drawing in, wooly jumpers and ofcourse, Christmas! Also, X Factor has started which means summer is now officially over!!

♥ Simple Moisturiser 
I have been searching for a decent moisturiser that really makes a difference to my skin for a seriously long time now, and alas I have found one!! This moisturiser is quite thick and rich, which I was worried about with my oily skin. However, it hydrates my skin without being greasy. I have seen blemishes which haven't been budging for ages finally disappearing!! Another fantastic product from Simple. 

♥ Tony Moly Lip Crayon 
I got this for my birthday last month as I have been admiring the Korean Tony Moly products for ages now; they're so cute!! These lip crayons have little faces and kitty ears on the lids (how adorable!!) and although they unfortunately don't have individual names, they do have different facial expressions. Mine looks a bit confused. 

♥ Maybelliene Baby Lips - Pink Punch 
I have been wanting some baby lips ever since my mum bought me some American magazines from New York and I saw a Baby lips advert in it. Me and my friend Aimee honestly went mental when we spotted these in Boots!! They really are very moisturising and although it claims to have a 'hint of colour' this is seriously pigmented for a lip balm and I have been using this alone as a lip colour very often lately! 

♥ Collection Lasting Perfection 16 hour wear foundation 
Despite only wearing this twice so far, I absolutely love it. It gives a very full coverage and really does last all day... Ill be doing a much more in depth review soon!!

♥ Topshop Nail Polish -Awol 
Again, this is a product that I've been looking at for ages. This is a beautiful blue shade that is basic but definitely stands out! It's extremely bright and I'd say this is a must for everybody's nail polish collection!! 

♥ Vera Wang Princess Perfume 
My granny got me this for my birthday and I've worn it almost everyday since I got it! It's sweet, but not too sweet, floral, but not too floral... It's perfect!! 

Thanks for reading!! I wonder what September will bring. Have you had any favourites this month? 

Friday, 30 August 2013


So I have recently discovered the fashion website eFoxcity and I am very impressed!! They really do have some gorgeous pieces. They cater for both men and women, offering beautiful yet cheap evening dresses and lots of wholesale women's clothing. Because I fell so in love with all of their things, I thought I'd make an evening outfit out of the things they have!!

 Dress - eFoxcity 

☀ Shoes - Office 

☀ Nail Polish - Barry M Cyan Blue 

Thankyou for reading! Again I really recommend that you visit this site as offers wholesale clothing at cheap prices, and tons of gorgeous designs. I hope you enjoyed this post! x

Thursday, 29 August 2013

♥ A Little Back to School Haul ♥ // PWIP

So with school approaching way too quickly, there's one thing on every blogger's mind... the back to school shop!! In England (and other countries of course) it is required in most schools to wear uniform until you reach college or sixth form. This means that FINALLY, I get wear what I want every day! Yaaay! This obviously required a little wardrobe top up (or two... expect more hauls soon!)

So I went shopping and bought a few bits and bobs.

Maroon Jumper - H&M 
So I was seriously impressed with H&M this time. In my local H&M store, the ground floor is full of work clothes, which obviously as a 16 year old girl I never really found attractive (even if I did, the clothes were all bland and you could just about pick about one piece from the entire floor). Upstairs was 'young trend and kidswear'. Because the ground floor was so disappointing, we'd always decided to just not bother going upstairs, however this time we did and WOW they have some gorgeous stuff! At such great prices too! 

This jumper is absolutely gorgeous on. It fits gorgeously and has that expensive look about it. It comes in other colours such as grey, cream, and if I remember rightly dark green, but don't hold me to it 

♥ White Jumper - H&M 
This is the kind of top that is just essential for an everyday wardrobe. It's pretty thin so you will need something underneath, but it's great for just a basic top and keeping the wind of your skin when it gets a little bit chilly. 

♥  Black Pleated Skirt - H&M 
 I saw this on the mannequin and fell in love instantly, but I was totally put off when I saw it on the hanger. It has a cheap-looking velvety waist band which on the hanger, ruins it, but once on it looks absolutely beautiful. It's also a nice length - very flattering and not too short so you don't have to worry about any unwanted Marilyn Monroe moments! 

 ♥  Light Pink Joni Jeans - Topshop 
I've been contemplating whether to get the American Apparel Easy Jeans or the cheaper dupe, Topshop's Joni Jeans for quite a while now. I thought that as the Easy Jeans are much more expensive (almost £70!!) I would be getting a better quality piece, however after reading reviews on various blogs, I came to the conclusion that the Joni Jeans are a better choice! They are perfect too - if you would like me to do a quick review, just comment and I will! I'm also definitely planning on buying them in an average denim colour. Yay for Joni Jeans!

♥  My Little Pony T-shirt - Primark 
WOOOOWW! I am absolutely in love with this top!! 1. It makes me feel a little bit younger (I have peter pan syndrome I swear) and 2. It's just so awesome!! It's slightly cropped which I love - I don't have to go through the endless trouble of having to tuck it in to high waisted jeans/disco pants etc. without having a million bumps everywhere. And it was only £5! 

Sorry for the horrendous photography. Would you like me to do a lookbook of college/school outfits? Any back to school inspired posts or videos? Just ask :) 

Thanks for reading! 

10 Uses for Clear Nail Polish

Clear nail polish is known throughout the world of fashion and beauty to behold many powers which can help us in everyday life, however small the situation. I have compiled a list of 10 super useful tricks which can save the day using nothing other than clear nail polish.

  Tarnishing Jewellery 
Everybody loves a bargain when it comes to jewellery and accesories, but a lot of this inexpensive jewellery end up tarnishing; the silver (or whatever colour) coating often wears off leaving it with a muddy copper colour! To prevent this, simply coat the tarnishable areas in clear nail polish.

Shoe Scuffs 
The most annoying thing is buying a new pair of lovely shoes, and scuffing them the second you leave the house. If these shoes have a shiny leather finish (or any kind of leather shoes!), apply a bit of nail polish to the scuffed area and smooth it in with your finger to keep them looking new.

After a while of wearing the same cardigan, the threads of the buttons may start to become loose. Coat the thread which attaches the button to the fabric in clear nail polish to make the threads a lot stronger!

Rings turning your fingers green 
The most horrible thing is when you're wearing some lovely rings, and you look down to see that underneath them, your skin has turned disgusting muddy green. Coating them clear nail polish will not only prevent them from tarnishing, but also getting the green on your fingers!! Yay

Many make up products have the shades and what not on stick on labels, which pretty much always rub off eventually. Apply a little clear nail polish over the top to seal them in! This can also work on make up brushes to prevent the text and numbers from rubbing off etc.

Sealing Envelopes 
Licking envelopes is revolting, so instead, seal them with clear nail polish!! It's also a lot more sticky.

Threading a needle 
Instead of sitting going cross-eyed for five minutes before getting round to doing what you need, apply a little clear nail polish on the tip of the thread to seal it.

Unraveling laces 
Dip the ends of your shoelaces, thread bracelets or anything of the sort into some clear nail polish to stop them from unraveling and fraying. This has been a lifesaver for me as I always have so many thread bracelets stacked up on my wrist!!

Rustproof metal 
To prevent metal objects such as cans of shaving foam or other products which are kept in the shower from rusting and leaving a ring on the floor, coat the bottom in clear nail polish.

Itchy Bug Bites 
This tried and tested remedy may not be recommended by health-people (?) but it works as long as there are no open scratches!! I've also heard (always off old people by the way... keep that in mind) that clear nail polish can be used as a liquid plaster/band-aid. I don't think I'll be trying that one though.

Thank you for reading!! :)