Saturday, 23 February 2013

Recent Purchases!

This week it's my February half term. February half term is the best time for shopping EVER because you get an entire week off school, AND in some shops, the January sales are still fabulous eg. Asos! For this reason, I have been doing a bit more shopping than usual (I'm also planning on going on a little spree on Tuesday, wahoo) so I thought I'd show you some of my most recent purchases!

I have been searching for a nice Hamsa Symbol Necklace for AGES! Honestly. Who would think that I'd finally find one in Primark for £2.50!?

Again, another unexpected place that I never thought I'd fall in love with for it's jewellery range... Ebay! Seriously, there are hundreds of jewellery shops that sell some gorgeous stuff and some quite horrific stuff for dirt cheap. I got this necklace for 99P! YES! Including P&P! I also got these two rings as part of a pack of 4 (I left my two favourites at Charlotte's house...) for around £2.

One of the perks of being small is that you can buy kids clothes, and kids clothes are so much cheaper!! I got this grey marl skater skirt from Internacionale for £7.99 instead of the £12 adult's version. Yay :)

I got these leggings from the ASOS January Sale which was AMAZING by the way!! Soo much lovely stuff. They have round gold studs arranged to make crosses, but unfortunately one of the studs fell off the first time I wore them! They're also REALLY see through... I should have checked before I went shopping... It's a good job my friend Aimee let me borrow her long coat!! THANK YOU!!

This bootiful crop top is also from the ASOS Sale. I got this for £7.99! I've not worn it yet though because it's just that little bit too short to wear in January... I also got a basic white cropped T-Shirt but there's not really much point in photographing that one haha! By the way, the cheapest place to get those that I've seen so far is Missguided, where they're £5.99. :)

I've been looking into buying these for a really long time but just never really got round to it, which I have no excuse for seeing as they're £2.99! I was planning on getting a baby pink that I could get away with at school, but I thought this one looked lovely! On the lips, it's a very understated neon orange-coral that would look sooo hot with a tan! Bring on Summer! PLEASE! When I apply it, it goes on different to any product that I've ever applied. Like it says on the packaging, the only way I can describe it is a moisturising lip cream. It feels very creamy when it goes on, but it 'dries', and feels like a lip stain. Because of this, I apply chapstick/lip balm over the top of it rather than underneath and wait for it to dry.

(Sneaky changing room pic)

I've really liked the look of these dresses for a long time but never bought one because I just simply CANNOT imagine them suiting me at all!! I tried one on just because my friend didn't want to go into the changing rooms by herself (lol) and just picked this up not planning on liking it at all... and I did! This was only around a tenner from Internacionale!! I've been really impressed with Internacionale lately. They've got some pretty nice stuff in there! 

Thanks for reading!! Have you bought anything you're absolutely in love with lately!? xxxx


  1. Oooo you got some fab things, love the necklaces! Hope you had a lovely half term!



    Em’s Mixed Bag

    1. It's great isn't it, if you look hard enough, you are always sure to find something wonderful in the Primark jewellery section :D I did, thankyou! :D x

  2. You picked up some gorgeous things. I love the crop top and ive always wanted to try the collection creme lip gloss/stain! :)

    1. Thank you!! You should definitely try it!! There are some really nice colours too :)

  3. I love the bits you have picked up! You look gorgeous in that dress! I love it when I follow someone, read the next thing they post and then be so happy I followed them, that happened with you!
    I've got a haul kinda post going up online tomorrow if you wanna keep an eye out for it :)

  4. great hauls! I like the cream puff lip cream soo much! :)
    btw im ur new follower now.. hope you'll follow back if u don't mind.. thankyou..

  5. I love the crop top and also I keep seeing the cream puff lip cream and it looks great! Thanks for the lip balm tip, I reckon I'll end up picking one of the shades up next time I'm in Boots :) x x


  6. Love what you've got! The dress and cropped top is gorgeous, and the cream lipgloss, I was looking at that literally 30 minutes ago! Creepy right?! Lovely post!


  7. Thank you so much for your comment! I answered bellow :)

    I really like the dress, it is gorgeous! xx


  9. I really want to try the Cream Puffs, everyone loves them! The shade you got looks gorgeous