Wednesday, 31 October 2012

★ DIY Christmassy Lanterns ★

Hey Guys!

In my last September Favourites (you can see it here), I showed you a really cute little candle lantern that I made! If you know me you'll know that I am totally obsessed with candles and I have like 30 scattered all over my room, so I was super excited to know that you guys wanted a tutorial on how to make one of these - it gives me an excuse to make another :D 

So I don't know if a tutorial is really needed for this as it is that easy, but hey ho, you asked! :) 

1. Grab a jar. Any jar will do! I prefer to use glass ones instead of plastic just incase the candle gets really hot and melts the plastic (am I being ridiculous for that?)

2. Cover it in a thin layer of clear glue. I try to get it as smooth and even as I can as the glitter will come out nice and even too! I also like to do one section of the jar at a time so I can hold it easier. 

3. Sprinkle on some glitter! If you want you can go all out and use two colours ;D

4. Spray it with hairspray - trust me, if you don't do that your entire room will just be entirely covered in glitter. Not that that's a bad thing

The aftermath

5. I like to tie a bit of ribbon around the top as a cute finishing touch, but this is optional :)

If you make one of these, let me know! 

Thanks for reading! xoxoxo


  1. This is so cute!
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  2. They are so cute!:)

  3. They are so adorable! I can't wait to make one


  4. Such a sweet idea! I'm also really obsessed with candles, so cosy!

  5. Love the christmas feeling. It's a really nice DIY.

    P.S.: great blog :)

  6. These are super pretty, I love the glitter :)

  7. That's so cute! I had an idea of doing that exact same thing but with lace, or old pattern tights, but I love the way the glitter looks with the candle lit! So pretty
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  8. This is amazing! Looks so pretty and homely! I think I am definitely going to try this out! This house needs a few more homely things! Plus I love anything Christmassy! xxx

  9. They look so lovely, I want to do one for my bedroom :) xx

  10. Wowww! I wasn't so cute when I saw the first picture, but once you put in the light it looks stunning! Like fairy dust in a jar :)

    I'm your newest follower!

    - Erin xo - One girl's attempt at creating 365 different make-up looks in as many days

  11. Thanks a lot for your comment dear. I'm absolutely in love with your style. Btw. I'm also doing an international giveaway. If you want... just check out my blog or linkgiveaway


  12. this is such a darling idea. thanks for the inspiration and the post :) looks great.