Thursday, 29 August 2013

♥ A Little Back to School Haul ♥ // PWIP

So with school approaching way too quickly, there's one thing on every blogger's mind... the back to school shop!! In England (and other countries of course) it is required in most schools to wear uniform until you reach college or sixth form. This means that FINALLY, I get wear what I want every day! Yaaay! This obviously required a little wardrobe top up (or two... expect more hauls soon!)

So I went shopping and bought a few bits and bobs.

Maroon Jumper - H&M 
So I was seriously impressed with H&M this time. In my local H&M store, the ground floor is full of work clothes, which obviously as a 16 year old girl I never really found attractive (even if I did, the clothes were all bland and you could just about pick about one piece from the entire floor). Upstairs was 'young trend and kidswear'. Because the ground floor was so disappointing, we'd always decided to just not bother going upstairs, however this time we did and WOW they have some gorgeous stuff! At such great prices too! 

This jumper is absolutely gorgeous on. It fits gorgeously and has that expensive look about it. It comes in other colours such as grey, cream, and if I remember rightly dark green, but don't hold me to it 

♥ White Jumper - H&M 
This is the kind of top that is just essential for an everyday wardrobe. It's pretty thin so you will need something underneath, but it's great for just a basic top and keeping the wind of your skin when it gets a little bit chilly. 

♥  Black Pleated Skirt - H&M 
 I saw this on the mannequin and fell in love instantly, but I was totally put off when I saw it on the hanger. It has a cheap-looking velvety waist band which on the hanger, ruins it, but once on it looks absolutely beautiful. It's also a nice length - very flattering and not too short so you don't have to worry about any unwanted Marilyn Monroe moments! 

 ♥  Light Pink Joni Jeans - Topshop 
I've been contemplating whether to get the American Apparel Easy Jeans or the cheaper dupe, Topshop's Joni Jeans for quite a while now. I thought that as the Easy Jeans are much more expensive (almost £70!!) I would be getting a better quality piece, however after reading reviews on various blogs, I came to the conclusion that the Joni Jeans are a better choice! They are perfect too - if you would like me to do a quick review, just comment and I will! I'm also definitely planning on buying them in an average denim colour. Yay for Joni Jeans!

♥  My Little Pony T-shirt - Primark 
WOOOOWW! I am absolutely in love with this top!! 1. It makes me feel a little bit younger (I have peter pan syndrome I swear) and 2. It's just so awesome!! It's slightly cropped which I love - I don't have to go through the endless trouble of having to tuck it in to high waisted jeans/disco pants etc. without having a million bumps everywhere. And it was only £5! 

Sorry for the horrendous photography. Would you like me to do a lookbook of college/school outfits? Any back to school inspired posts or videos? Just ask :) 

Thanks for reading!