Friday, 23 August 2013

Birthday Haul

Wowzers, I've not blogged in way too long! I've been through a bit of a busy time lately... I've completed my GCSE's, moved from the midlands to Devon (woohoo) as well as encountering a small (huge) problem with Blogger. It wouldn't let me post!! I tried for weeks on end, eventually made an entire new blog to find the problem was with my account. But for some reason, today, it worked. Let's only hope it stays this way!

Anyway, it was my birthday at the beginning of August and my Mum and Dad were nice enough to take me to do a little bit of shopping.

I have to say, I am very happy with what I got. I honestly couldn't pick a favourite item!! 

Daisy T-Shirt - Urban Outfitters 
I'd wanted this top for too long. I just think everything about it is lovely! It feels beautifully soft, and I think the daisy print is adorable. It's also a little bit cropped, which at some times I love... others, it's a little bit awkward if I want to tuck it into a skirt or some shirts. I still absolutely adore this though! 

Aztec Tribal Print Midi Dress - Primark 
This dress is GORGEOUS! From the moment I saw it I completely fell in love with it. The pattern is stunning and I love the fact that although its midi, it can still be worn at any shorter length just by pulling it up a little without looking like it's meant to be midi. Every time I wear this I love it a bit more, and I still can not believe it was £10!!!

close up of the dress

Tie Dye Crop Jumper - USC 
I wasn't as sure about this jumper when I first saw it, but my friend persuaded me to try it on, and I'm so glad I did! It fits perfectly and I love the tie dye. It looks lovely with high waisted shorts too as it's cropped. I have been really impressed with USC and I think it's a lot better than what it used to be! 

High Waisted Shorts - Topshop 
A decent pair of high waisted shorts is a definite must. These ones are great; they're comfy, fantastic quality, not too short and can be rolled down for a different look. 

Beanie - Primark 

Frilly socks in White & Burgundy - Primark 
These are just as nice as the Topshop socks, have a bunch of colours and are £1.50 each. :)

Thank you for reading! Once again, I apologize for my lack in posts. 

PS. I also apologize for starting a post by saying wowzers



  1. the Daisy T-shirt is amazing and asdfghjkl i want it!

    please check out my blog, if you have the time?

  2. I love the daisy shirt, its gorgeous. I want! :)

  3. thanks for following me,followed back! love that daisy shirt haha Xx

  4. i love your blog, it's so pretty! just gave you a follow hun :)

    beauty about town ♡

  5. completely in love with the tribal dress, you got a new follower here :) Come visit me♡

  6. That daisy tshirt is far too beautiful. I love it a little bit!
    Glad you managed to sort your blog out, blogger probs ey haha!
    Lots of love, Em xx

  7. These really are awesome gifts! I love the sweet daisy top! Glad that you sorted out your blogger problem!