Monday, 21 January 2013

The Liebster Award #2, #3 and #4!

Hey girls!

I am super excited to say that I recently got my second, third and fourth Liebster Award recently! The three lovely girls who gave it to me were Rosie from rosiebxxx, Mariana from Going Teen and Cat from Team Mode! Thankyou girls, it means a lot! :)

The Rules
1. Each person who is tagged must post 11 things about themselves

2. They have to answer the 11 questions set by the tagger

3. They must make 11 more questions to as bloggers they have chosen as nominees

4. They must choose 11 bloggers to tag who also have less than 200 followers

5. These lucky bloggers must be told!

6. No tag backs

11 Things about me...
1. I'd really like to study Media and some kind of fashion course as part of a dual course at a Uni abroad, possibly Germany, Australia or America... I definitely don't want to stay in England! It's too rainy, I wanna wear shorts! 
2. I love music, and play self-taught piano and ukulele... next I'd like to learn guitar!
3. I'm studying German at GSCE at the moment but I hate it so much that words simply can't describe. Honestly I don't understand why I took it as an option because I've always hated it! I must be cray
4. I was born with telapese, which means that the muscles and bones of my right leg is different to my left leg. It's pretty painful and I had to go through a bit of physiotherapy, but it could have been way worse!
5. I loveee music! Some of my favourite bands are Maxïmo Park, The Kooks, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Blink 182... 
6. I'm deeply in love with the Janoskians
7. I like making my own clothes and the next thing I'd like to make is a cobalt skater skirt, but I also really want to learn how to knit!
8. I'm obsessed with Made in Chelsea - I think I was close to dying when I saw Jamie at The Clothes Show :O
9. My favourite colour is lilac, or as I call it, baby purple (I thought that was the right word up until about a week ago but apparently not)
10. I'm in my last year of high school and I can't wait to leave, but I don't want to leave my friends!
11. I cannot cook AT ALL. I can't even poach an egg :( 

First I'll do Mariana's questions... I love love love Mariana's blog, she's gorgeous, go check it out!
1. What is your favourite pastime?
Probably playing and instrument or reading and writing blogs, but when I'm bored I always find myself painting my nails, doing my hair or my makeup, even if I'm not going anywhere! I love reading fashion magazines too.

2. What is your favourite season?
This I honestly cannot answer. I literally love all seasons! So I guess I'm always happy ;D My mum thinks I'm crazy because I love the rain!

3. When did you start blogging?
In August :)

4. What are your favourite blogs?
All the rest will be tagged because they've got under 200 followers! :)

5. What is your must-have accesory?
Recently I've been loving bags (if they count as an accesory? haha!) but I love wearing cute little necklaces (I'm obsessed with Delilah Dust)

6. What is a place you would love to visit some day?
Somewhere in Australia or Hawaii

7. What is the first website you go to in the morning?
Usually I don't go on the internet in the morning because I'd sacrifice that for an extra half hour (or in the case of this morning 50 minutes... gosh I can't believe I wasn't late and I didn't turn up to school looking as if I got up and ran straight down the road) but when I get in from school I go on Facebook which I'm not really loving anymore, Twitter and ofcourse Blogger ;)

8. What is your favourite beauty product at the moment?
Dark lipsticks!

9. What is a fashion trend you would never wear?
Creepers! They look lovely on certain people (my friend Aimee is obsessed with creepers and they really suit her, I'm jealous) but I just could never pull them off and I don't think I'd even try!

10. What is your dream job?
Being a fashion journalist for like Vogue or Elle or something! Either that or a criminal psychologist

11. Coca-cola or Pepsi?
Diet Pepsi <3

Rosie's Questions...
1. What made you want to start blogging?
I'd like to do journalism in the future so I though it would be pretty good practice/experience. Also I've been reading fashion and beauty blogs for years and I thought it looked like fun!

2. Who's your favourite blogger?
All the blogs that I listed in Mariana's question!

3. What's your favourite type of post to write?
I quite like monthly favourites because they're really positive and they look back at the old month in a good light, aswell as welcoming the new month! I've been really liking OOTD's lately too

4. How old are you?

5. Do you agree that Youtube Guru's go hand in hand with bloggers?
Yeah! We all have the same passions and are interested in the same stuff, and a lot Youtubers have a blog and vice versa. I was thinking about making a channel but I'm not sure.

6. If you had to live with one beauty product what would it be?
Mascara! I feel like my eyes are what I need to emphasize most about my face and mascara gives them just the right amount of definition.

7. What has been your favourite holiday?
These past two holidays to Majorca that I went on in the Summer, and when I went to New Zealand over Christmas a few years ago. 

8. What did you study at school?
I'm still in school! Alongside all of the compulsory subjects I take German, Geography, History and Textiles at GCSE :)

9. What's your favourite thing about yourself?
I'm quite ambitious, determined and confident in what I want to do.

10. How long have you been blogging?
However long it's been since August

11. Fashion or Beauty?
Definitely fashion right now, it used to be beauty though!

Cat's questions...

1. If you had 3 wishes, what would they be?
Wellness and happiness to all my friends and family (and me), that I could play all the instruments ever invented, and ofcourse, unlimited wishes ;)

2. Something you love and something you dislike...
I love it's winter and it's raining/snowing and my room is all warm and cosy and all the fairy lights and candles are lit.
I dislike all the spiders that keep coming in my house from the farm behind our garden.

3. Who do you admire and why?
Olivia Palermo, she's my style icon, or Louise Thompson from MIC, she's another style icon! My list of style icons could go on for weeks.

4. What is your favourite part of your and why?
All of my big chunky jumpers, because they're cosy and I'm super excited for Winter!

5. A current trend/past trend that you've liked?
The aztec/tribal trend :)

6. Something I couldn't live without...
My iPod! I've got headphones in 24/7 (apart from when I'm talking to someone)

7. A council?
I'm not sure what this means, sorry

8. Any obsession?

9. Three words that describe you?
I'm bad at describing myself! Hm. Ambitious, enthusiastic, and friendly I guess :) 

10. In the world of fashion, who inspires you?
I've already listed my favourite style icons! :D

11. You could not leave the house without...
My phone, iPod, makeup bag and a body spray because I love smelling yummy! At the moment I'm loving Gwen Stefani Haranjuku Lovers Angel and my all time favourite, Miss Dior Cherie!! Mmmm best perfume ever. 

Okay, that took a while. Now for who I nominate...

Electric Daisies
Beauty is Unwritten


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