Thursday, 6 December 2012

★ Jewellery Collection! ★

Hey Guys!

Just lately, I have been totally obsessed with jewellery. Like literally obsessed. For the past few days I have spent hours on the internet coveting pretty much everything on Delilah Dust and I've been going crazy for all the accessories in River Island at the moment - they're so cheap as well! I fell in love with a certain headband  from River Island which has two little cat ears on... I desperately want to wear it The Clothes Show (SO EXCITED) but I don't want to look like a crazy woman...

Anyway, it didn't even take me five seconds to realise that I wanted my next post to be my jewellery collection! However, a very sad, scarring event occured in August. I took a whole bunch of jewellery to Majorca with me in a little bag and I can't find any of it :( I haven't got much and definitely want more (last night I ordered three necklaces and a pair of earrings off ebay...) so when it gets all nicely restocked and lovely again, I will do an update! Yay!

★ The small gold bangle was a present off my mum when I was little :)
★ The other two bangles are from Nepal, and they're so beautiful! One of them has the Buddhist Mantra on, and I just wish I was more of a bangle person.

★ Just a bunch of random bracelets from different places

★ The multicoloured peace bracelet, leather braided bracelet and blue beaded bracelet (which is too loose so I wear it as an anklet!) are all from those cute little shops in Cornwall that I love so much and waste sooo much money in...
★ The pink beaded bracelet was a lovely gift off my friend Alice from when she went to Turkey, thankyou Alice!
★ Self explanatory


★ Can't imagine myself ever wearing this but again, those little Cornish shops are so persausive.
★ No idea why I own a mood ring as I am perfectly capable of knowing my mood myself
★ This silver ring was off my Nan! :) 
★ These three rings were from River Island and I'm positively obsessed with them.

★ CAT RING! Awesome, from Topshop! My friend Aimee also has a necklace which matches this, cool
★ I don't know where this ring was from but there was none left in my size and it broke after a few weeks, so I'm guessing Primark
★ This moustache-glasses ring was from Topshop. I love it, but my dad described it as 'interesting'... oh
★ I got this little love heart ring from Accesorize and it's just so simple and easy to wear that I find myself wearing it so often! 


Pretty sure these are all from Primark

★ These are all from Primark as well, apart from the apples and strawberries, which were from Matalan.
★ My earrings may not all be in pairs... I lose EVERYTHING! I rarely wear matching earrings anyway (probably just because I can never find any I just got accustomed to it)

★ I have no idea where the turquoise necklace came from, but I've had the pendant for years and it's been on billions of different chains
★ The big sparkly love heart was a birthday present and was from Next (you can see my birthday haul here)
★ The little birdy thing is probably the cutest thing ever! I got this from the most gorgeous little jewellery shop in Salzburg, Austria, and it was off my dad :) 

★ I'm not sure if this is jewellery, but it is so pretty! I got this dragonfly hair clip from Primark :)

So that's it! I hope you enjoyed this, even if it was reaalllyyyy looonggg... sorry! 

Thanks for reading, are you as obsessed with jewellery as I am? ;) xxxx


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    1. Me too, it was from Sass & Belle - they have some gorgeous stuff in there! X

  2. lovely jewellery collection!

  3. I just want to have everything of this post!! :OO love your blog!! I'm following you now! :) xx♥

  4. Such a lovely collection! :)
    Frankie xx

  5. You have some lovely bits of jewellery. I love the cat ring!

  6. Your jewelry collection is so cute. I like the bow ring, especially!

    Glad I came across your blog, I love it. I'm now your newest follower on my greader. :)

  7. Such lovely things!

  8. Hello. i think u have very inspiring blog here , good fun reading it.Would be really cool if we follow each other. Let me know xxx
    p.s pictures are stunning xxx

  9. I am obsessed with jewelry! You have some gorgeous pieces, I especially love the bangles. XO

  10. The rings are so cute! Love your collection! xo

  11. you have adorable jewellery <3

  12. hey thank you for your lovely comment on my blog following each other would be great xxx

  13. I lovee your jewellery collection! The heart shaped organiser is so sweet :)

  14. It's lovely you can store it so nicely! Mine gets rather tangled up :( I have a giveaway that might be right up your ally! pop by and have a look if you fancy ! merry Christmas xx

  15. You're rings are adorable :) I nominated you for the Liebster award on my blog!

  16. oh, how cute! i just love all of your rings, i wish i could wear them for a day!

    lindsey louise

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  18. nice jewellery storage ;}X