Thursday, 29 November 2012

❤ What's in my school bag? ❤

Hey guys!

Today I've been looking at some new school bags from Asos, Missguided and Topshop which reminded me... I've never ever done a What's In My Bag post! What is this? I don't get why I never have, because I love reading these kind of posts. So I thought, before I change my school bag I may as show you what I take to school with me. Obviously because the contents will change drastically when I get a new one (they won't)

My school bag is from Urban Outfitters and I love it! I got it in the summer and it's still like new, which is unusual cause I'm pretty heavy duty on bags... It has a pocket right at the top, on the... erm... opening flap? This pocket is pretty roomy and zips up. It's also got side pockets and a front one, another little pocket  under the 'opening flap' and a zip pocket and a few little slots on the inside.

★ Phone
★ Lovely smashed iPod 
★ Headphones because I've constantly got them in. No exaggeration.

Side Pockets

★ Body Shop Born Lippy Lip Balm in Passionberry - Smells GORGEOUS and purple's my favourite colour!
★ Jelly Beans Lip Balm in Bubblegum - Because it's Jelly Beans and literally feels like jelly, not lip balm
★ Crocodile Clip - Never used this in my life
★ 3 Packets of chewing gum - I don't even chew that much

Make Up Bag in Main Compartment

★ Collection 2000 Eyeliner - This slides off my face pretty bad
★ Maybelliene Colossal Mascara in Smokey Eyes - I got the Cat Eyes version of this which was frankly rubbish but I really like this one. I could do a review? 
★ Sleek Blush in Coral - I don't know why because I don't take a powder brush
★ Collection 2000 Cover Up Stick - This didn't live up to my expectations after everyone raving about the Lasting Perfection concealer
★ Mac Eye shadow in Tempting - I like to wear this as a lid colour as it's just dark enough to make it a teeny bit smoky. 
★ Maybelliene Dream Touch Blush - So much easier than powder blush for school!
★ Natural Collection Lip Gloss in Candy Floss or something (the label rubbed off) - Barry M Lip Gloss in Toffee - Beauty UK Red Lip Gloss -3 Lip Colours from each colour group, depending on what I feel like obviously ;) 

Little Bits in the Main Compartment

★ Soap & Glory Hand Food Hand Cream - Because it smells lovely and it's got actual marshmallows in! Plus it keeps your hands soft, what's not to like?
★ H&M Body Spray in Twilight Rain - Because I got this last weekend when I went shopping with my friend Aimee! It smells SO nice. The only thing I can describe it to is the inside of a Hollister shop... and it says Twilight on it, awesome
★ Label M Hairbrush - Because I get messy hair
★ Single Hello Kitty Tissue - Because I can 

Apart from this, I obviously have the ushe... books, pencils, calculators... but who wants to see that? :P

Thanks for reading!! What are your schoolbag essentials? :) xoxo


  1. eeeeeeeeeeep! I love this like loads and loads. It inspires me to do one, but my school bag is just way too not cool x

  2. Nice post might do one of these!:)

  3. I cannot live without my lipgloss, chewing gum and phone - great post :)

  4. your school bag is full of so many amazing stuff <3

  5. OMgosh, that's the phone I have!!! In purple and all, I can't believe it, great minds think a like :) love your school bag


  6. Love this post, and amazing bag!!

    xx Rose

  7. How does that mascara work? I bought it a while ago but I havent opened yet! xx

  8. Everything a girl needs...all in one stylish bag! Love your sweet blog Amelia, following you now :) Would love you to pop over to mine when you get time (busy student!) and maybe follow back if you like it? x

  9. I loved the make up :)

    amazing blog

  10. I love seeing what's in other people's bags! By the way, I am having my 2 year blog anniversary giveaway. I am giving away a Deborah Lippmann nail polish and a golden star necklace. Come check it out!

  11. Great post! :)) I especially love the Hand Food by Soap&Glory, I never leave the house without it! <3


  12. Adorable backpack :)

  13. Love this post :) such an adorable backpack! And lol so much cheewing gum :P he he!

    Rushie x

  14. Hey Amelia, it's Léa :)
    I have a blog now, check it!

    I really like this article!