Saturday, 6 October 2012

Find Your Perfect Shade with Maybelliene Fit Me!

Bonjour and Happy Saturday! 

After years of sticking to Maybelliene's Dream Satin Liquid Foundation, it feels like it's the only foundation I've ever worn. I've literally been wearing that foundation since just after I started wearing makeup (The first foundation I ever bought was Maybelliene's Dream Mousse... gross, the thought of using that again makes me shudder. That foundation is nasty) so I decided to try out a different one. 

My Dad very kindly took me out to get me some new school shoes on Thursday (My other ones were so bashed up I felt like Oliver Twist) and I somehow persuaded him to let me go into Boots so I could quickly grab a new foundation. Obviously, being a normal girl and all, I decided to get a new concealer and nail polish aswell. I was planning on getting Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection Concealer but I only had a tenner on me (boohoo) so I just picked up a Collection 2000 Cover Up Stick, aswell as a Khaki Hot Looks nail polish that, in my Dad's words, looks like slime. 

SPF 18'

This foundation comes in 18 Shades and are categorized into three parts; pale (these all begin with 1, eg. mine 115), medium (these begin with a 2) and you guessed it, darks, which begin with a 3. Amelia, the worst expainer in the world, is back. The palest shade is 110, and 115 fits me perfectly! I'm really happy with the shade I got.

I apologize for the odd swatch. 

You can see that the coverage is really quite light, but I can't complain because that's what it's aim is. In person, it actually make more of a difference, I just have terrible photography skills first thing in the morning when I'm doing my makeup. It covers redness easily but if you want this to cover any blemishes or spots, I think you'd be best opting for a heavier coverage or a concealer over the blemish.

The formula is pretty thin but still, very easy to work with and quite hydrating. So far it's not broken me out or had any negative effect on my skin at all! It gives my skin a lovely glow and I got loads of compliments; even my dad noticed. I apply with my normal flat foundation brush and one pump will do for my entire face. When I first got this I thought it wouldn't come with a pump after reading reviews which said it didn't have one - what's going on there? Haha! I love the packaging; it comes in a very sleek glass bottle and I love glass for foundation bottles. The lid, pump and entire bottle feels really sturdy; the worst thing is when you get a new foundation and after a few days the pump breaks! (Yes I'm talking about YOU Sleek Skin Revive!)

Overall I rate this a 7/5. I'm really happy with the formula, packaging and shade, but I think it's so light coverage it doesn't make it a must-have to me. 

Thanks for reading! Have you tried anything from the Maybelliene Fit Me range? :) xoxo


  1. nice results o:
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  2. Looks nice for an everyday foundation if it has a light coverage.



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  6. This looks really good, i like a light coverage too xx

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  8. your blog is really cute! I haven't gotten to try the Maybelliene fit range yet but maybe sometime soon :)
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  9. Maybelliene rocks! I love all their products especially the foundation.

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  13. looks like a great product. thanks for the review. maybe i will try it out!
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  15. I remember maybelline mousse foundation ;) good times... Sophie at Sophie Rose x

  16. Off to Boots to buy this, been looking for a new foundation for aaaages!

  17. WOW, this foundation looks amazing!:) x

  18. I tryed fit me. I really hated alot I never use it

  19. Great post. That looks great for me as i hate wearing foundation but some days I need to.
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