Saturday, 22 September 2012

Mini Haul!


Today I went shopping in search for a fur-lined parka similar to this one from Pull & Bear (there isn't one near me and I was unsure about ordering one as every time I go on the website it crashes!), but ended up just buying jewellery. Sigh... why does this ALWAYS happen? I was on the verge of buying the ever-so-gorgeous camo jacket from Topshop but the jumper I was wearing was too big to try it on (bad excuse? I don't know why but I just couldn't bring my self to buy anything today! Booo!). Here's what I got... 

These rings are crazy cute... and £1 each! There were no size small so I had to get medium, but all's it means is that I can only wear it on my index finger. There's no way I could not buy these! 

Also from River Island, I got 3 ear cuffs for £2. I'm not sure if there is some kind of sale going on in the jewellery section or something but everything was just so cheap! I got 3 colours (coppery, gold and silver) in the pack.

Okay okay, last thing from River Island I promise... this cute little thing is part of a pack of friendship bracelets! The other one is a gorgeous turquoise and my lovely friend Aimee has the other one! 

After hearing loads about these £1.50 candles from Primark, I just had to pick one up. This one is Lotus Blossom. It smells very fruity but kind of shampoo-ey. I can't wait to see how it smells when it's burning! I'm COMPLETELY obsessed with candles... I have 30 in my room that I burn every night!

Last but definitely not least... can you guess what I'm doing to my hair tonight? It's NOT highlights... :D 

Thanks for reading! Have you ever tried Primark candles??xoxo


  1. I LOVE those rings for £1 what a bargain! Have fun doing your hair, you should post about it would love to see what it looks like!



    Em's Mixed Bag

    1. I know right, I'm chuffed with them! Thankyou, I'll be posting tonight! :) x

  2. Love your mini haul! Can't wait to see what your hair turns out, I really need to try the Primark candles out



    1. Thanks! I'll be posting a picture of my hair tonight or tomorrow:D You do, I love mine, I've been burning it today and my room smells gorgey! xx

  3. lovely ring, and amazing detail pic!

  4. the friendship bracelet is really cute, I love jewellery with those little skulls on :) I always go shopping for one thing and end up buying loads of other bits and pieces! xx

  5. I love the friendship bracelet! xxx

  6. Just love everything!:) Those rings are sooo cute:) xx