Monday, 13 August 2012

My Week In Photos #1

One of my favourite kinds of posts to read on other people's blogs are My Week In Photos posts, so I realised... why haven't I done one yet!? I take my camera everywhere with me and I'm constantly taking pictures!!

If you've been following my blog recently then you'll know that I'm up in Scotland visiting my grandparents. I'm having a great time! It's usually cold, windy and rainy everyday (once we came up in August for three weeks and it rained every single day. In August. Every single day.) but this has been a great summer! I've been sunbathing! I go home on Wednesday then on Saturday I'll be FINALLY jetting off to Majorca! Wooo!

★ Pipe Band at the Agricultural Show ★ Sheep in a van... at the agricultural show there was a sheep sheering competition aswell as synchronized dancing sheep. Yes, you read it right ★ Cute frilly socks that accidentally match my shoes! 

★ The yummiest strawberries ever! Picnic on the beach ★ My uncle's got a boat! A mini one ★ The water was warm 

★ According to my Uncle's Girlfriend's Uncle, if you cover yourself in salt water then lay out in the sun you tan easier. He never mentioned getting a rash and dry skin though :(  ★ My brother and cousins rock climbing at the beach ★ Sand art ;) 

Thanks for reading!! What have you been up to this week? xoxo


  1. great outfit!
    come by and lets fllw each other if you love to do:)

  2. LOvely pictures!
    and I am a Converse fanatic.

    Please feel free to visit my blog, let me know what you think
    of it, and if you'd like we can follow each other on GFC.

  3. greAt pics :) your so lucky that your soo tanned :D xx

  4. Love the peace sign made out of sand!


  5. Love the photos :) xxx