Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Extended Birthday Haul!

Hey! I mentioned in my birthday haul (see it here) that I would be doing another haul soon, showing everything I got with my birthday money. Well here it is ;) Thankyou for all the birthday wishes by the way! I love my followers :D

The first thing I got is this super cool top from Pop Art. I love things which have a really retro feel to them, this top is my kind of style! It's really light and floaty too which means I can wear it on holiday without overheating. 

I also got this top from Pop Art. It has a really summery feel to it!! Is it just me who's obsessed with summer clothes right now even though it's constantly raining? :( 

Ok, ok, I'm a tad inlove with Pop Art... this is the last thing I got from there though! 

I also got this polo top from Hollister. It's SO comfy, and it's the kind of top I can wear all year round because it will fit nicely under jackets and still look nice. 

Who's amazed by these shorts? I AM!! These gorgeous things are from Topshop, and I can quite truthfully say they are my babies. 

Aren't these cool!? I got them from Jack Wills in a sale - mega bargain! When I picked them up they were reduced from £80 to £37, but when I got to the till they were £24! Made my day! 

These might not be the most summery shoes (not that it's remotely summery in England) but aren't they lovely? I have been looking for some of these for months, but they just seemed to have vanished from all shops! I got these from Select. Can you guess how much they were? £16! They weren't even on sale! 

These ballet flats from Primark are really cute. They make me feel like a rainbow ballerina (if they exist...) I love how the stripes are mismatched! If I remember rightly these were £8.

I've developed a bit of an obsession for rings. The cute little heart was from Accesorize and the ADORABLE Moustache/Glasses ring was from Topshop. This ring is nne of the best things I've seen in a long time. 

Thankyou for reading!! Have you been shopping lately? xoxo


  1. What a lot of lovely things! :) I'm in love with those shorts. Great finds!

    Rose x

  2. Fab finds! I'm in love with a lot of your new clothes and e boots are amazing!!!!


  3. Ahh! I'm obsessed with that Coca Cola shirt! Such a cute and simple tank...! Thank you for your comment on my blog! I'm following you now! :)



    1. I love it too! And it's fine, I love your blog :) Thankyou!

  4. absolutely love the Ibiza t-shirt !
    xoxo Grace

  5. love these things! thanks for your lovely comment on my blog btw :) xx

  6. Love the flats, sunglasses, and shorts!


  7. wow I am in love with everything you got! love the new layout xox

  8. Love the black shoes :) xxx