Saturday, 21 July 2012

My attempt at some nail art!

I've always loved nail art, but been too scared to try it! But with it being the summer holidays, I was feeling wild (YOLO, just go nuts) so I decided to try out this triangle nail art design for a party this weekend...

They really were super simple, however if you'd like a tutorial just comment and I'd gladly do one!

Do you like nail art?xoxo


  1. I love nail art too. Ooh, yes please for the tutorial, I would like to try these out on myself :) I have done newspaper nails in the past. They are a real simple way of lovely nail art. Here's the URL for the nail art <---

    Loving your blog, I am your new follower ;) xo

    1. Thankyou, I'll try those nails out!! And I'll probably do the tutorial later on this week:D Thankyou very much for following, I followed you too :)

  2. Really cute nails!!! I might try out something like this soon :)
    Maybe you'd like to try out my aztec nails??? Have a look here....

    Thank you, from your newest follower :D XXX

  3. By the way your blog is really cute haha x