Monday, 23 July 2012

31 Days of Fashion / Beauty Challenge!

Coucou Toi !

So if you read Tereza's blog, Cityscape Bliss, you probably will have seen atleast one of her posts which is part of the fabulous 31 Day Fashion Challenge.

I really enjoyed reading this, and ofcourse I wanted to try it out on my own blog; I thought it was a great idea! Well I decided to tailor it to my blog and make it half beauty, half fashion... so I've changed the first half to beauty posts!

1) Your makeup collection
2) The product you have the most of
3) A product you're wearing for the first time
4) Your favourite makeup / beauty trend
5) Your best bargain
6) Something out of your comfort zone but you love it
7) Special occasion look
8) Something you forget you have but you love it
9) The item at the top of your wishlist
10) Cute cheeks (random much?)
11) A spring essential
12) Your everyday makeup
13) A lazy day at home (In style!) look
14) The item that was hardest to hunt down
15) Nail Art & Nail Polish collection
16) A customised item
17) Something you love to wear when it's sunny
18) A piece of clothing/jewellery that makes you feel amazing instantly!
19) Your brightest lipstick
20) Shoes you love but hardly wear
21) Something that is your favourite brand
22) A piece of clothing/jewellery that was a gift
23) Something from your favourite store
24) The item that brings all the boyz to da yard
25) A totally YOU outfit
26) What's in your bag?
27) Inspired by your style icon
28) Something everyone has now
29) FOTD
30) Pretty Hair
31) The thing you're obsessed with at the moment!

I can't wait to do this tag, and I tag ALL of you to do it! If you do it, leave a comment and say; I'd love to see all your posts!

To see Tereza's original post click here.


  1. Omg. I will try my best to complete the tag lol. XD

  2. sure, let's follow each other, follow you:) hope you follow me back

  3. Sounds great :) xxx