Tuesday, 31 July 2012

#2 - The product I have the most of!

Hey! I'm SO sorry I've not posted in a few days... I've been camping in Wales! All of my cousins, aunties and uncles and my nan and grandad came too, it was so much fun seeing them all! Even if I did have internet there, I don't think I would have had a chance to post! Next time I go on holiday (Which will be majorca for a week... WOOO!) I will pre-write some posts and post them while I'm there.

Anyway, today should be the eighth day of my 31 Day Fashion/Beauty challenge (see more here) but because of my mini holiday I'm a bit behind, so I'm only on day two! Oops -_-

Well the product I have the most of is (drumroll) lipgloss! The product I wear the least! I know, I know, this doesn't make much sense at all - I can't remember the last time I wore lipgloss but I seem to have over 20 of them in my collection, haha! I honestly can't explain why because I've never been a big fan.

I'm guessing I must have received the majority of them as gifts. I hate lipgloss, it feels horrible and really doesn't suit me at all. I have pretty oily skin so I definitely do not want to add to the shininess! However I still picked my favourite five... Clinique Superbalm Moisturising Gloss in Currant (I'd recommend this if you don't like the feeling of lipgloss, it feels really light and actually pretty nice, and it makes your lips look... almost velvety? haha), Collection 2000 Love Your Lips in Passion (this has SPF 20 so I might take this on holiday with me, just incase I get in a glossy mood), Bourjois Paris Effect 32 in Rose Romantic (this is probably the most gorgeous colour I've ever seen, I might do an entire post on it... I don't think I can pull it off though!), Forever 21 Love and Beauty Shimmer Lipgloss in Hot Pink (just a basic everyday sheer pink) and Barry M Lip Gloss Wand in Toffee (I apologize, the swatch for this one is really untrue to the actual colour! It's a really nice sheer nude and it smells GORGEOUS, like toffee! But it feels really sticky and wearing it just makes me go errlack).

Thankyou for reading! What is your favourite lipgloss? xoxo


  1. Following u back <3
    u are lovely

  2. Love the colours


  3. Thanks for following! Following you back! You have an impressive nail polish collection! And no, I'm not french but I'm from Montreal, Canada.

  4. I got rid of half my lip glosses because i never wore them and they weren't very good xxx