Monday, 23 July 2012

11 Questions Tag

Hey! Today I'm going to be doing the 11 questions tag...

1. Do you like coffee?
I don't really drink tea or coffee, but I order a caramel coffee frappé from Starbucks! That's coffee right?

2. What is your all time favourite film?
Mmmmm... Mean Girls, that's an obvious one!

3. When did you start blogging, and what made you want to blog? 
I actually started a blog about a year ago, but I deleted it because I didn't have enough time. I really enjoyed blogging though, so I thought this summer holidays I would start a new one! It's also good experience/practice for me because I want to be a fashion journalist! I've had this one for 4 or 5 days.

4. What do you usually do in the holidays?
If I'm not at my friend's house or shopping I'll probably just be sitting in my room, haha! In the holidays I paint my nails like everyday because I can't decide on what I want, and I also want to master nail art! This summer I'm trying to learn ukulele... wish me luck...

5. What is your favourite memory so far of this year?
Probably going on holiday to Cornwall with my best friend! That was so much fun.

6. Where would you like to travel?
I went to New Zealand when I was 8 but I was pretty young so I can't really remember it, so I really want to go there! From what I can remember though it was lovely. I also really want to go to Japan!

7. If a genie gave you three wishes, what would you wish for?
A new form teacher, Blink 182 Tickets, right now probably a mcdonalds cause I'm starving... probably not the most sensible choices but I had to think of them on the spot ok?

8. Do you like folding paper stars?

9. Do you like to cook?
I like the idea of it, but whenever I try, it turns out to be a disaster! My cooking skills stretch to instant noodles. The rest of my family are great cooks though so it's fine ;D

10. Where would you like to be at this very moment?
A party that I was going to go to but I'm not cause my friends ill! The things I do for her...

11. What was your new year's resolution?
Every year my resolutions are always super boring, so this year's was to do something I've never done before every week! I've been keeping doing quite well but sometimes I forget to check that I've done something that week though... I probably have, even if it's something really silly - it still counts! ;)

This was my first questions tag, and I tag all of you!! Let me know if you do it! :D


  1. Really liking your blog :) Followed you, would mean alot if you followed back :)

  2. heey thanks for commenting on my blog :) would you like to follow each other?

    xx BBella

  3. Love your blog :) May do this sometime :) xxx